Turtle Island – Keri Caves – Turtle Spotting Cruise Southside (Rib – Luxury Speedboat)

Turtle Island – Keri Caves – Turtle Spotting Cruise Southside (Rib – Luxury Speedboat)

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Experiencing the most incredible spots in the south-west side of Zakynthos

  • Pick up from residence
  • Enter National Marine Park (Peluzo island)
  • Turtle spotting the loggerhead turtle (Carreta–Carreta)
  • Swim stop at Marathonisi (Turtle Island)
  • Enter turtle island’s cave
  • Sail under the natural rocky archers.
  • Swim stop at the amazing Keri caves.

Starting from St. Nicholas Watersport Center on our unique rib yacht we sale south to the southwest towards Lagana bay. After passing through Gerakas cape we enter the National Marine Park right south of Pelouzo island. Our first stop is at the famous bay of Lagana where we can spot loggerhead turtles (Caretta-Caretta). Caretta-Caretta turtles are a species of oceanic turtle that loves swimming in Lagana bay and lay their eggs on Lagana, Kalamaki, Marathonisi and Vasilikos beaches. Turtle spotting is the key tourist attraction in Lagana bay.

The next stop is the famous Marathonisi (turtle island) where our luxury rib yacht makes a 45’swim stop right on the white sandy beach of the island. You can walk on this amazing beach swim in the blue waters or snorkel on the close by reefs. We board our boat and we cruise to the Turtle island Blue Cave where we enter and observe the natural blue reflection on the roof where we make a quick swim stop at the entrance of the cave.

Then we board and start cruising to the magnificent Keri Caves. On the way, we pass under natural rocky archers and we sail coast to coast next to fantastic and isolated beaches. We enter and swim in the Keri Caves and our Captain will make a surprise stop in an underwater cave.

Get your cameras ready gear up your bathing suites and enjoy a 4-hour tour in our brand new luxury rib yacht. On our way back, we use higher speed to enjoy the power of its twin engines. We returned to St. Nicholas port with memories of a magnificent tour.




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