Fishalida Beach Bar Restaurant

Fishalida Beach Bar Restaurant

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The sea breeze welcomes you, bringing along fragrances of salt and summer.
Right on the long sandy beach of Alykes, a small oasis with palm trees and
cool shades is waiting for you – Fishalida Beach Bar Restaurant is its name.

A business started in 2013 and run with care and love by a family of professional fishermen,
centred on our visitors’ absolute culinary satisfaction and mental revitalisation, Fishalida
Beach Bar Restaurant offers you a unique gastronomic journey in a lovely atmosphere, served
together with the sound of the Ionian Sea, quality music, and a view that brings about true relaxation of the soul.

Experience Fishalida Restaurant

When creating and preparing excellent dishes, competence is, of course, an essential factor; not the only one, however. Knowing this by heart, we select the best ingredients for the food we prepare: fish from our own fishing boats, fresh quality creations from local producers, local dairy products and premium meat selections. We have an amazing variety of choices, be it for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner, with many gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan options as well. What’s more, we have created the most special atmosphere you can find in Zakynthos: a relaxing decoration, harmonious with the coastal environment, with pebbles, wood, reeds, as well as an actual fishing boat, converted to a sitting area!
Sit comfortably and prepare for your integrated experience in Mediterranean cuisine, only in Fishalida Restaurant




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