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Personal Trainer

A unique fitness concierge service in Zakynthos. With our Personal Trainer services we give you the opportunity to keep up with your exercise program even when you are away from home. This concierge allows you to keep working out on a schedule and makes it easy the maintaining your healthy lifestyle during the holiday. We can make it feel like home! The

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Gong Healing

De-stress, time out, relax, meditate, receive healing and enjoy the power of the sound waves which enhance the relaxed state. Every "gong" is linked to our emotions and feelings. Gong Healing and Sound baths are known to have positive effects on the symptoms of stress. Gong sound has a profound effect on our cardiovascular, autonomic, endocrine and

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Kundalini Yoga

Rejuvenate with a yoga holiday in ZakynthosIf you have been feeling exhausted and unmotivated lately, if you have been experiencing sleeplessness and lack of energy… look no further! "Kundalini yoga will make you feel vibrant and full of energy just within a few sessions" It will help you feel energized and bring your body back into balance and be able

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Massage Therapy

We offer licensed massage therapists to provide massages in the comfort of your own place. Treat yourself to a pleasant and relaxing massage. If you wish to treat yourself to a massage, we offer a wide variety of massages and therapies and a massage session is always a good idea. Restore both your body and mind with a relaxing massage or with any of

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Safe Shopping in Zakynthos

Explore Zakynthos provides you with a unique service according to the new protocol of health and safety in accommodation. Staying at your residence, there is no need to mingle among big crowds in the shops and supermarkets. Our company provides a car and a driver and follows your lists of shopping any time of the day. Make your list for the supermarket

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Live Music

The best bands of the island are at your disposal to play live music and accompany every special moment of yours. Moreover we also have the ability to offer you any musical instrument you desire, while there is no limitation on the selection of the musicians or the band that will accompany you … the choices are only own and absolutely free. We stand by

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Greek Dancers

According to the Greek people, music must always be accompanied by dancing. Greek music is danced in a unique way with specific steps you can see and why not try together with the dancers we have the opportunity to offer you for your special days in Zakynthos. That way we can offer you a taste of Greek culture and music. If you wish, let us show you the

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DJ Services

Hire the perfect party DJ For your entertainment, we provide you with professional Djs to turn your days on the island magical. With selected music and songs of your choice, our partners are at your disposal to discuss with them and choose the sounds that will accompany you during the holiday of a lifetime. If again you prefer to have a professional Dj

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Private Chef Service

Enjoy private dining and exclusive catering We offer you a wide range of options in private dining and exclusive catering so you can choose what suits best your needs, style and dietary preferences. Among our options, you can enjoy breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner as our Chef creates a personal professional gastronomic experience for you. This

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Private Transfers Services

Try our transfer concierge services for a truly personalized treat.Private concierge is one of the most popular ways to get around Zakynthos. Whether you need transport to and from the beautiful Zakynthos attractions or for a night out. Our company offers high-quality chauffeured car services in Zakynthos Greece. Whether it is transportation for yourself,

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